Digging tasks require two-day notification

Every spring and summer, districts tackle plans that include installing fences, planting shrubs, expanding buildings, cleaning up scrap and debris, and many other tasks that can include digging.

Unfortunately, failure to call 811 and have underground utilities located prior to digging can cause utility interruptions, minor or extensive damage as well as serious bodily injuries.

In addition to preventing accidents, calling for locates is the law!

You are required to call 811 or (800) 332-2344 at least two business days prior to beginning your project unless it is an emergency or if all four of the following below apply:

  1. The excavator is a tenant or an owner of private property;
  2. The excavation is on private property of that owner or tenant;
  3. The excavation is less than twelve (12) inches in depth; and
  4. The excavation is not within an established easement.

Oregon Utility Notification Center

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