Risk Management

Information and assistance with risk management and loss control issues.


Concussion Center - checklists & forms

Additional information and sample forms and protocols you can adapt for your concussion management program.


Concussion Center

Information about concussion response protocols, training resources and Max's Law.

Concussion Center - state & national resources

Additional information and links to concussion resources around the nation.


Concussion Center - training resources

Additional information on training coaches, school staff, parents and students.

Construction Contract Manual for Oregon Schools

This construction contract manual helps school districts, education service districts, charter schools and community colleges understand the procurement process and contract negotiations information for design professional and construction services.


Consider liability before cutting sports

OSBA and PACE encourage members to consider potential liability before cutting athletic programs.


Cyberbullying Primer

Overview of cyberbullying including examples, court cases, legislation and how schools can respond.



Frequently Asked Questions about Drones


Free Speech - Student and Staff Freedom of Speech Rights and the Confederate Flag

Is this a first amendment issue? Are schools allowed to ban Confederate flags?


K-12 Threat Assessment Resources

K-12 Threat Assessment Materials for download


Missing student protocol steps

An advisory notice alerting you to steps you may want to include in your protocol for missing students

PACE Transgender Handout

Handout to help school administrators and board members to stay up-to-date on their responsibilities as they provide for the education and safety of all students.


Pesticides Resource Page

A New Guidance for Schools: Low-Impact Pesticides


Public Entity Cyber Security: Risks, Mitigation & Breach Response

Cyber Security


Quick reference handout on Concussions

Link to a print-ready handout about concussions.


Quick Reference Guides and Checklists

Quick Reference Guides for members

Service animals in schools

Answers to the most common questions about service animals in schools


Sex Abuse Response

Information on how PACE attorneys can help you respond to allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct.


SRP/SRM Training Resources

SRP/SRM Materials for download


Student Walkouts and Protests

Information on how districts can prepare for potential student protests or walkouts.

Vacant buildings pose risk

Reminder to update your PACE coverage when you close buildings.

Vehicle Liability Forms

Sale & Repair Vehicle Liability Resources



        Informational Risk Management Webinars

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