Concussion Center

Oregon’s Max's Law—named for Max Conradt, a high school football player who took blows to the head in back-to‐back games and suffered permanent brain injury—was passed in July 2009. The law requires:

  • All coaches receive training once every twelve months.
  • Students who exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion following an observed or suspected blow to the head or body must be kept from participating in any athletic events or training on the day of their injury.
  • Students who receive a blow to the head or body or exhibit symptoms of a concussion are prohibited from participating in athletic events or training until they have a medical release from a health care professional and don’t exhibit signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion.

PACE offers these rules on a laminated card and lanyard for coaches, for FREE. You can order as many as you need.

  • When in doubt, keep them out – Remove the student from the activity immediately
  • Stand tall, make the call – Contact parents, get appropriate health care
  • No play without ok – Require a signed release from a health care provider before the students returns to activity.
  • Follow policies set by your district

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