Consider liability before cutting sports

As you prepare budgets for the upcoming year, you may find yourself choosing between academic programs and athletic programs. 

Before cutting athletic programs from your budget, be alert to potential liability issues.

Athletic transportation

  • Avoid cutting athletic transportation, if possible.
  • Review policy EEAE, Student Transportation in Private Vehicles, to be sure your policy is current.
  • Do not substitute student carpools for district transportation. It is preferable for students to ride with parents with valid licenses and adequate insurance coverage.

Title IX - equal opportunities

  • Ensure that boys and girls teams receive equal benefits in relation to: equipment, facilities, scheduling of games and practice times, publicity, transportation, travel and per diem expenses, team activities, coaches, trainers, etc.
  • Ensure substantially proportionate participation rates between girls and boys programs.
  • Use a standard, gender-neutral procedure in deciding what programs to cut to eliminate potential bias.
  • Evaluate when a donor dedicates funds to a particular sport to make sure inequities are not created as a result of the donation.


  • Conduct background checks on volunteers.  Keep in mind that PACE members get five free background checks per year with low-cost checks after that.
  • Follow all policies and procedures regarding volunteers.
  • Keep funds raised by volunteers in on-campus accounts and oversee check-signing authority.

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