Service animals in schools

Legal services attorneys prepared the following responses to frequently-asked questions about service animals in schools. 

  • What is a service animal?
  • How do I identify a service animal?
  • What tasks do service animals perform?
  • Do service animals have to perform physical tasks?
  • Do I have to permit a comfort or emotional support animal?
  • Do I have to permit a psychiatric service animal?
  • Can the school ask an individual about the nature and extent of his/her disability?
  • Is the school responsible for the care or supervision of the service animal?
  • Is special training required to be a service animal?
  • Can a school ask for or require proof of vaccinations?
  • Do service animals have to wear a vest of some kind?
  • What if someone is allergic to or afraid of dogs?
  • What laws govern public schools and service animals?
  • Do I have to permit service animals in training?
  • When can a service animal be excluded?
  • Can you exclude a service animal for having a bathroom accident?
  • Can you exclude a service animals if it growls at someone?

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