Risk Management Webinars

Informational webinars and replays on Risk Management topics.


Facilities Inspections Webinar

As facilities managers prepare for spring and summer work this webinar will address some of the concerns PACE sees from both a risk management standpoint and a claims concern. As property coverage increases, managing facilities is an important consideration for schools. The webinar will also explore a new method of providing quick reviews of areas of concern called Mitigation Minutes.

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Winter Weather Webinar

Learn how to prep for winter weather and prevent or mitigate damage to property, and make your buildings safe for students and staff.

PACE Winter Weather Webinar Slide Deck

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Incident Reports:  Context, Process & Recommendations

This discussion based webinar explores incident reports as a risk management function.  This function begins with establishing the context or need.  Once context is determined, associated processes for the collection and management of the information can be developed.   The presenters will share their experiences, examples and recommendations in developing or reviewing their educational organizations incident report functions.

PACE Incident Report Webinar

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School Hazard Awareness

This training is designed for Administrators, Custodial and Maintenance workers, but really it could benefit any school employee. The webinar series focuses on helping staff identify and mitigate risks in your schools. Each session is about 20 minutes in length and includes a handout with links to various additional resources on the topics covered.

School Hazard Awareness - Session 1

School Hazard Awareness - Session 2

School Hazard Awareness - Session 3


School Violence and Safety

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Sexual Conduct: Best Practices for the Front-Line Worker

This webinar will review a practical approach to addressing sexual conduct in Oregon Schools. The training is designed for teachers, educational assistants and any staff that spend the majority of their day with students.

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Sexual Conduct: Best Practices for Administrators and Supervisors

This webinar is designed to provide school administrators and supervisors with a practical approach to addressing sexual conduct in your schools.

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Title IX and HB 3415: What Community Colleges Need to Know

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Title IX and HB 3415 PPT SLIDE DECK

Title IX Key Considerations Handout


Theater Safety

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