PACE Saw Stop Safety Grant

For PACE Members enrolled in PACE’s General Liability Program

The Saw Stop Grant has been approved for another year! Available 2021 - 2022.

Saw Stop Grant Program is available until grant funds of $50,000 for a SawStop and $20,000 for a SawStop Blade Replacement are exhausted. Application available online at


Who qualifies for the PACE Safety Grant Program?

PACE members enrolled in the PACE property/casualty risk program are eligible to apply for a grant. Prior approval of the grant application must be obtained before purchase.


What projects will qualify for the grants?

This year’s grant program will focus on replacing table saws in vocational shop and drama departments. Your entity needs to identify a table saw(s) to be replaced. REMOVAL OF THE OLD SAW(S) FROM SERVICE IS REQUIRED. The SawStop saw will be purchased by your entity and PACE will reimburse your entity based upon the criteria below. PACE has worked with SawStop to offer special discounted pricing for this program.


What dollar values will be awarded for this year’s grant program?

PACE members will be awarded funds based on the these categories:

  • K-12 members with 1-999 ADM — one SawStop with 25% district contribution and 75% PACE Grant
  • K-12 members with 1,000-2,999 ADM — one SawStop with 50% district contribution and 50% PACE Grant
  • K-12 members with 3,000 and more ADM — one to three SawStops with 66% district contribution and 34% PACE Grant
  • Education Service Districts members — one SawStop with 50% ESD contribution and 50% PACE Grant
  • Community college members — one, two or three SawStops with 66% college contribution and 34% PACE Grant


PACE SawStop Blade Replacement Grant

PACE members can apply for funds to help offset the cost of replacing activated blades and cartridges. Fill out the fillable PDF and return to PACE Risk Management. Grants are available to districts on a first-come, first-served basis, until the funds are exhausted.

PACE Safety Grant  & SawStop Blade Replacement Contact Information

PO Box 12613, Salem OR 97309
Toll-free: 800-285-5461 ext. 111
Phone: 503-375-8891
Fax: 503-371-4781


SawStop Grant:

fillable PACE Saw Stop Grant Application (94kb).

printable PACE Saw Stop Grant Application (82kb).


SawStop Blade Replacement Grant:

fillable Blade Replacement Application Form is available (435kb).

printable Blade Replacement Application Form is also available (432kb). 

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