Summer welding precautions

Welding during summer months can be more dangerous than other times of the year, so extra precautions should be taken.

  • Make certain any combustibles such as grass, wood chips, clothing, etc. are cleared or protected from the welding area when welding outdoors in hot and/or dry conditions.
  • Ensure no flammables are near the welding vicinity. Fumes from flammables such as gasoline and propane become much more volatile when temperatures rise.
  • Keep the welding area well ventilated, especially when welding galvanized materials. Fumes from welding or torching galvanized materials are harmful to the respiratory system and can become more poisonous in hot temperatures. Use of respiratory protection is highly recommended.
  • Always wear eye protection that has safeguards for flash burns. Light reflection from welding in bright sunlight can cause severe flash burns even when not looking directly at the welding or torching area.

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